About the Formula Powerboat Grand Prix

Whilst Formula Powerboat racing commenced in Australia in 1988, it was in 1997 the teams recognised that an organisation was needed to manage and promote a National Series for professional teams from all states. With that, the Australian F1 Superboat Series was formed.

In 2008 the promoter responsible for the F1 Superboat Series ceased operating. In September 2009 a new “driver owned and run” Grand Prix came to life.

The “Formula Powerboat Grand Prix” is a not for profit association formed to bring together top class competitors from around Australia to compete in the 5 Round Series each year. Five classes of professional formula powerboats and Formula Futures - our junior drivers are catered for. Invitational classes are also run for Sports Monos, 6Ltr Inboard ProStocks, 550cc/25hp.

Formula Powerboats continue to be associated with club venues in each state to assist in bringing drivers from the grass roots of the sport through to a professional level.

Most Drivers have worked their way up to a Formula boat from club racing. Some started their careers in Monos (Basic Mono hull design boats through to more advanced modified MOD VP classes), these styles of boats are generally used in ski racing and more recently in oval race circuits such as Formula boats use.

Formula powerboat racing is an extreme sport that is both fast and colourful. Explosive starts, hairpin turns and high speed passing maneuvers provide continuous action and excitement for spectators of all ages. Spectators can view the entire course from any vantage point, ensuring that they don’t miss any of the action.


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Gavin Simmons


martin Chiminello
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