Formula Futures


These drivers are our champions of the future. Three classes compete within each race: J1: 6hp (8 - 10years)          J2: 6hp – 9.9hp (10 - 12years)          J3: 15hp (12 – 16years) The 3 levels provide the stepping-stones for our children to enjoy racing [...]

Formula Four


F4S is the newest class to Australia. These boats are powered by a 60hp 4-Stroke Mercury Formula Race engine reaching top speeds of 110km/h and have a minimum weight (including driver) of 350kg. Drivers can start from the age of 14 as long as they have had at least two years [...]

Formula Three


Formula 3 Powerboats are 3.5 metre tunnel hulls mostly constructed of timber other than the cockpit which is the same materials as the Formula One’s. They are powered by engines restricted to 1250cc in capacity, reaching top speeds of [...]

Formula Two


Formula Two Powerboats are the official feeder category to Formula One. These boats are 4.8 metre tunnel hulls, similar to F1 boats. They weigh 500kgs and are propelled by a 200 horsepower race production engine, the Mercury [...]

Formula Optimax


Formula Optimax boats are all powered by Optimax 200XS SST outboards that were developed by Mercury Marine as a green, environmentally friendly race engine. Using the very latest in 2 stoke technology these engines have a capacity of 2.5L producing 200hp with a maximum of [...]

Formula One


Formula One has always been known as ‘the elite” in Powerboat racing. With speeds exceeding 230km/h, they can accelerate to 160km/h in less than 4 seconds and hit 5G’s on a corner. Constructed mainly of Carbon Fibre they are the ultimate in acceleration and [...]